Performance Coaching

Is there something important to you that you want to improve your performance with?  Do you feellike something is getting in the way?   Performance coaching is about helping you achieve your very best. It can be useful for long-range career or life planning, for dealing with career change points, for improving your performance in a sport or hobby, and for dealing with major life setbacks.

I’m here to help you perform your best.  Whether it be playing the piano, dancing, baseball, public speaking, changing your career.   It can be anything that is important to you.

Why do we tend to have performance issues?   Usually it is INTERFERENCE.   “Interference” generally means emotional interference. We may understand our true potential, but our performance suffers because our emotions get in the way. Some of the interfering emotions are fear, guilt, and worry.  Does any of that sound familiar?   I can see you nodding yes.

How can I help you?   With my 20 plus years of past experience as a therapist, my training as a coach and my expertise in multiple mind/body techniques, I will develop an individualized plan for you.   It will include a combination of:


Guided Imagery

Emotional Freedom Technique

Cognitive Behavioral Work

Reiki (If you are interested)

and Practice, Practice, Practice