Group Coaching Programs

Dream Boldly

Are you a woman with dreams that you want to transform into reality?  Do you want to create a new and/or improved life with emotional and economic growth? If so, this group will be the support you need to ignite your life.   I will lead you on a journey of discovery, whatever that looks like, and without limitation.

During this 3 Month Program,  we will:

Clarify your goals and dreams.

Develop an individualized road map to navigate your way to your ideal life.

Learn the latest in mind/body/energy techniques that will assist you on your journey.

Identify and release any limiting beliefs that have held you back.

Learn new patterns of thought and awareness.

Implement time management and goal setting strategies into your life.

Most importantly, we will find all of those beautiful buried treasures you have had hidden inside of you.

The group will be experiential and provide a safe space to develop new ideas and plans and teach you specific ways to accomplish them.


The group includes:

Twice a month, 1 1/2 hour in-person group sessions.

Weekly Zoom Calls

A Private Facebook Group

A Workbook and Binder



The cost of the program is $597.

A monthly payment option is available.