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"Working with Andrea has been a wonderful experience. She is very encouraging, compassionate, supportive and will meet you where you are at. I wanted to start a nonprofit and had some information on how to start it but needed more support and confidence to take this step. Andrea gave me several tools to clarify my goals and start the process of creating my non-profit. She also helped me overcome challenges throughout the process. After each call, I felt very motivated and this motivation spread to my fellow colleagues. Thank you Andrea for helping me start my dream non-profit GIFTS (Giving to Individuals and Families Through Service). With your help, we will be able to help many families in need. "
Gladys Mendoza
I hired Andrea as my business coach to help me build my business when I knew I wanted to turn my passion into my life's work. I didn't know where to start and she took me through the beginning phases step by step so that it was clear. How to find the clients that needed me most, creating a vision with a solid plan and moving it forward with a specific, tangible plan. She took the fear out of taking the leap and gave me not only confidence in my skills but the emotional support necessary to follow through to make my dream into a lifestyle. As a successful business owner and mentor, I can't say enough good things about Andrea. If you want to build something, find someone who has done it and ask that person to teach you. 5 stars!
Jeanine Ferritor
Certified Clinical Hypnotist / Resolution Hypnosis